The Odyssey

how does athena apear to penelope at the end of book 4. what information does she provide about telemachus and odyssesus give quotation to support your answer

in book 4 how does Athena appear to Penelope at the end of book 4. what information does she give about Telemachus and odysseus give quotes to support answer

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Athena sends a phantom in the form of Penelope’s sister to warn of the suitor's ambush.

"Then Minerva bethought her of another matter, and made a vision in the likeness of Penelope's sister Iphthime daughter of Icarius who had married Eumelus and lived in Pherae. She told the vision to go to the house of Ulysses, and to make Penelope leave off crying, so it came into her room by the hole through which the thong went for pulling the door to, and hovered over her head saying,

"You are asleep, Penelope: the gods who live at ease will not suffer you to weep and be so sad. Your son has done them no wrong, so he will yet come back to you." Odyssey internet translation.