The Most Dangerous Game

summarize the movie from 1939 of the most dangerous game

please i need a paragraph sumarising the old movie , Thanks

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The 1939 movie pretty much reflects the short story by Richard Connell. The movie begins with Rainsford and his hunting buddies in a yacht sailing past the ominous "Ship Trap Island". The yacht hits rocks and the ship sinks. Raisford is the only survivor. He swims to the island where he meets Zaroff in a gothic mansion. There are two other guests: a young lady and her drunk brother. Eventually Zaroff hunts all of them. The brother is killed. Rainsford and the girl are next to be hunted. The girl is caught but Rainsford takes his chances by jumping a cliff. He swims around to meet the unsuspecting Zaroff in his mansion. They fight and Zaroff is mortally wounded. Rainsford and the girl take the speedboat and get away.