The Metamorphosis

Describe Gregor’s physical condition when he wakes again. Focus on the word choice used in that description. What can the author want to emphasize when using those particular words?

Chapter 2

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From the text:

"He pushed himself over to the door, feeling his way clumsily with his antennae - of which he was now beginning to learn the value - in order to see what had been happening there. The whole of his left side seemed like one, painfully stretched scar, and he limped badly on his two rows of legs. One of the legs had been badly injured in the events of that morning - it was nearly a miracle that only one of them had been - and dragged along lifelessly."

Gregor had morphed into an insect. The description allows the reader to envision his physical changes and the difficulties that accompanied them. This section sparks sympathy in the reader, which is what I believe the author intended.


The Metamorphosis