The Marrow of Tradition

who does josh green want to lead the riot?

marrow tradidtion

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"On the road back into town, Miller meets Watson on the road. Watson tells him that the white people have “formed a provisional city government à la française” and have ordered many of the more prominent black men to leave town. Watson exclaims that the day before, he had had “a hundred white friends in the town” but that today not one of them even looked at him. As they are talking, Josh Green and a group of men come down the road. Green tells Miller and Watson that their uprising is looking for a leader. Watson and Miller tell them that it is no use and that if they rise up, all will die. Josh tells that “God he’ps dem dat he’ps demselves.” Miller tells Green that he would like to lead them, but that this useless exercise would only result in their deaths. Josh tells Miller that his mother died this morning and asks that, if he should die, if Miller will bury her. Miller and agrees and Josh leads the band of rebels, telling them that “I’d ruther be a dead nigger any day dan a live dog!”