The Maltese Falcon

In Chapter 5 : The Levantine, Joel Cairo attempts to search Spade's office for the falcon. What is Spade's reaction? What do Cairo and Spade agree to? What does Cairo do at the end of the capter?

Help and i also have few more question, i do not get this book at please help i read the book. atleast upto 8 Chapters and didn't get it at all

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Spade doesn't seem to have much of a reaction; he's quite calm and amiable when Mr. Cairo is shown in to see him at the end of Chapter Four. When Effie leaves and Chapter 5 begins, Cairo pulls out a gun and announces that he's going to search the office...... Spade is once again quite relaxed and tells him to go ahead...... then he knocks him out :-D

Afterwards, Spade aggres to take a $200 retainer on $5000 to find the bird (falcon) plus expenses.


The Maltese Falcon