The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

The characters Frodo, Gandalf,Aragorn,Sam,Gollum represents the chirst, but could you tell me which of their actions represents the symbol of "christ"?

like any scenes that you can think, that these charcters represents the the symbol of "christ" ?

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Like Jesus, Gandalf seeks to help others, restore hope, and fight evil. He travels, and is called Mithrandir by those who inhabit Gondor, which means "the gray pilgrim." Gandalf also possesses several different names with unique meanings: Incanus , Lathspell, Mithrandir, Olorin, Tharkun. In addition, Gandalph performs numerous miraculous feats. Gandalph is the wandering pilgrim and savior of Middle Earth.

Frodo's descent into Mordor mirrors Christ's descent into the grave, but he is more defined as the "cross-bearer."

Aragorn represents the healer and "Glorious King." He willingly enters the Path of the Dead and emerges tranfigured.