The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

what does the witch do when she meets a party of squirrels,satyrs,a dwarf and a dog-fox

no detail needed

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Time passes; daylight comes, and the Witch halts her sledge at the sight of a merry party of a squirrel, his wife, their children, two satyrs, a dwarf, and a dog-fox, all gathered around a table set with holly, eating plum pudding. The Witch asks the assembled party what they are doing: "What is the meaning of all this gluttony, this waste, this self-indulgence?" The fox stammers that Father Christmas has arrived. She accuses the fox of lying, but one of the young squirrels excitedly confirms the fox's tale. Edmund senses something terrible as she lifts her wand, and shouts for her stop. The Witch, however, turns them all into stone, and hits Edmund. As Edmund looks upon the sad stone figures, he feels sorry for someone other than himself for the very first time.