The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

I need help with a few questions from the story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Any help is great. Thanks.

1. The headless horseman needs to return to _______ before daybreak.

A. His coffin at Andre's tree

B. The scene at of the battle in which he lost his head

C. The cemetery

D. Tarry town


2. Was Ichabod Crane a brave man?

A. Sometimes

B. Always

C. Usually

D. Never


3. What ghostly tales did Ichabod tell?

A. The legend of sleepy hollow

B. The princess and the frog

C. Tales of Salem

D. None of the above


4. Which character seems to know more about Ichabod's disappearance?

A. Old county housewives

B. Hans van ripper

C. Brom bones

D. Katrina van tassel


5. What was found by the bridge in the morning after Ichabod disappeared?

A. Skull

B. Pumpkin

C. A head

D. Ichabod crane


6. What did Ichabod do when he encountered the horseman?

A. Ran in panic

B. Asked who he was

C. Fell from his horse

D. Challenged him to a race


7. What did Ichabod do in the woods after hearing about the tales of sleepy hollow?

A. Clap

B. Sing

C. Whistle

D. Dance


8. The line, "when he entered the house, the conquest of his heart was complete," this illustrates the narrators cynical view of which of the following

A. Wealth

B. Love

C. Charity

D. Mortality


9. What is probably most important in making Ichabod fall for Katrina?

A. Her beauty

B. Her intelligence

C. Her charm

D. Her father's farm


10. What did from claim to have bested the horseman in?

A. Boxing

B. Horse race

C. Arm wrestling

D. Nothing, he never claimed to have bested the horseman

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