The Kite Runner

How Hosseini uses dichotomy of sterilty and fertility to symbolize the damaging consequence of sin and the regenerative promise of redemption?

Sterility symbolize the harm that results from unresolved guilt and unremembered sin.

Fertility represents the hope and promise that accour when one performs penance and seeks redemption.

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Amir and his wife Soraya have trouble conceiving. It would seem the problem is with Amir. Amir believes that his and Soraya's infertility is his punishment for his betrayal of Hassan years before. Still Amir would make a great father. Amir's journey to rescue Sohrab is in itself a sort of penance or purging which, emotionally anyway, seems to resurrect Amir's fatherly instincts. Through Sohrab there is redemption for Amir.