The Kite Runner

Describe any 3 incidents of the novel which you like the most?And Also Describe why Did like that incidents?

Any 3 incidents you like the most..

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So many tragic things happen in this novel, it is difficult to point out scenes that are enjoyable. Still , there are a few scenes I liked. Here are my top 3!

1. Amir and Sohrab fly a kite at the end of the book. The story comes full circle. Amir captures a reflection of the innocence he once shared with Sohrab's father.

2. Sohrab blinds the sadistic Assef with his slingshot and saves Amir. Everybody hates Assef.

3. Amir goes back to Afghanistan, risking his life, to bring Sohrab back to America. This is Amir's shot at redemption.