The Jungle

What is the cause of the panic at the bank on Ashland Avenue? How does it impact Marija?

chapter eleven.

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From the text:

"There was a "run on the bank," they told her then, but she did not know what that was, and turned from one person to another, trying in an agony of fear to make out what they meant. Had something gone wrong with the bank? Nobody was sure, but they thought so."

"The cause of the panic had been the attempt of a policeman to arrest a drunken man in a saloon next door, which had drawn a crowd at the hour the people were on their way to work, and so started the "run."

As a resut Marija waited for hours (many) to get her money out of the bank. She does finally get her money, but she doesn't have anywhere to put it. She walked around in weighed down skirts for a week because she didn't feel it was safe to leave it at home.


The Jungle