The Jungle

Offer three behaviors that illustrate Jurgis' selfish new outlook, which seems to be required in order for him to succeed in a captalist system.

chapter twenty three.

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From the text:

"He was careful to keep away from the stockyards--he was a single man now, he told himself, and he meant to stay one, to have his wages for his own when he got a job."

"He watched the newspapers, too--but no longer was he to be taken in by smooth-spoken agents. He had been told of all those tricks while "on the road."

"In the end it was through a newspaper that he got a job, after nearly a month of seeking. It was a call for a hundred laborers, and though he thought it was a "fake," he went because the place was near by. He found a line of men a block long, but as a wagon chanced to come out of an alley and break the line, he saw his chance and sprang to seize a place. Men threatened him and tried to throw him out, but he cursed and made a disturbance to attract a policeman, upon which they subsided, knowing that if the latter interfered it would be to "fire" them all."


The Jungle/ Chapter 23