The Jungle

Jurgis continues to find out about Marija's sad life. Explain what he finds out, using 3 specific details and number them.

Make sure to include her current health

Chapter 28

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Jurgis narrowly escapes recognition by the judge when he appears in court the next morning. Marija and the other whores are fined five dollars, which is paid by their madam. They leave the court and return to the brothel where business resumes as usual. Marija and Jurgis talk for a while. She tells him of the whore trade, how girls are brought over from foreign countries and forced into prostitution. Their madam gives him morphine so that they become addicted and reliant on staying in the brothel to afford more of the drug. She tells him of how women, contrary to opinion, do not like such work, and how they are forced into such labor by starvation and poverty.