The Jungle

Identify another example of the power of the Beef Trust to control a worker's life as Jurgis attempts to find work.

chapter twenty.

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Work is difficult to find because he is blacklisted at the meat packing plant. He goes back to the fertilizer plant but is told that there is no job for him. When Jurgis asks if he can wait for a job, the foreman tells him that there will be no job for him there in the future either. He finds a foreman in one of the packinghouses that offers him a job pushing a truck, but when Jurgis returns the next day to start work, the foreman tells him that he was mistaken and that there is no work after all. When Jurgis goes to the saloons he finds out that he is on the blacklist and that he will not be able to find work in packing houses all across the country. β€œHe was condemned and sentenced, without trial and without appeal; he could never work for the packers again.”