The Jungle

How is the harvester works, where Jurgis finally finds a job, different from the other business in Packingtown? In what ways is it the same?

chapter twenty.

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One day he accidentally meets a friend, who tells him there might be work for him at one of the giant factories of the Harvester Trust. The Harvester Trust is a joint effort of businessmen and philanthropists. It provides safer and cleaner workshops. There is a restaurant where men can buy good food, and it pays decent wages with a lower speed of work. The place becomes a “kind of heaven” to Jurgis and he feels as though he has a chance to once again be treated like a human being. The factory produces harvesting machinery for farmers. One man stamps the machinery while another forms the molds for the steel. The work is never too fast for men to handle, and they are paid based on how many pieces of machinery they can produce in a day.