The Jungle

Explain what Jurgis does with his life through the rest of the chapter. Give atleast 3 specific details and number them.

Chapter 22

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1) Jurgis jumps on a moving freight car that takes him out of the city and into the country.

2) Jurgis comes to a farmhouse and asks for a meal. For twenty cents, the farmer’s wife gives him a good breakfast and Jurgis takes it down to the woods and to a stream. At the stream, Jurgis bathes and washes his clothes. He eats and sets off again. He stops at several farmers’ homes and each time is able to get a meal for a bit of work on the farm or for just a few dimes. Each time the farmers ask him to stay and work, but when Jurgis asks if the work will last past November, the farmers tell him no. He asks one farmer if they would treat their horses in this way, working them in the summer months and then releasing them when it turns cold, and each admits that they would not.

3) Jurgis is soon living the life of a tramp. He learns all the tricks of the trade. Most of the tramps, he learns, never pay for a meal and never do a bit of work for their shelter. He sneaks into barns at night and steals food when he can. When farmers are not fair to him, he sleeps in the fields and eats wild berries.