The Jungle

Explain two of Jurgis' experiences after he is injured that clearly reflect the characteristics of naturalist writing.

chapter twenty three.

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Sinclair showed naturalism by showing that no matter what the working class did they could not ever overcome it, “Relentless, remorseless, it was; all his protests, his screams, were nothing to it – it did its cruel will with him, as if his wishes his feeling, had simply no existence at all; it cut his throat and watched him gasp out his life”.

- Although, this quote is talking about the pig, it is a great quote because the pig is a symbol of the working class in the time period.

“They put him in a place where the snow could not beat in, where the cold could not eat through his bones; the brought him food and drink – why, in the name of heaven, if they must punish him, did they not put his family in jail and leave him outside – why could they find no better way to punish him than to leave three weak women and six helpless children to starve and freeze?” Jurgis was put into jail for beating Phil Connor after he raped Ona, Jurgis’ wife. Ironically, jail was not a bad place at all during this time period


the jungle