The Interlopers

Who do you think are "the interlopers" referred to in the title, and why do they deserve that name?

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This question can be answered in two ways. The two men involved in the feud over the land in the Carpathian Mountains meet, and in all reality plan to finish their feud..... leaving one of them dead. As the two square off, neither one is able use their rifle to end the other's life, and then nature intervenes, and the men are left pinned beneath a tree. Both men wait for their men to arrive first, and each believes that if their allies (interlopers) are the first to arrive, the other will die where he is..... and he'll die alone. While they contemplate their fates, the men come to understand how foolish their feud has actually become and put aside their differences. Then they work together in an effort to save themselves, only to be met by the interlopers they didn't expect..... a pack of wolves. 


The Interlopers