The Life of Olaudah Equiano

what is a quote that olaudah equiano says that characterizes himself as an intelligent person

an example from his story that equiano states

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I don't know that Equiano ever really says he is "intelligent," but he does cite the fact that there was a time the Bible became an "unsealed book" for him. Because of this, and the fact he could decipher the meaning of its words, he says, "I prized it much, with many thanks to God that I could read it for myself . . . Whenever I looked in the Bible I saw things new, and many texts were immediately applied to me with great comfort, for I knew that to me was the word of salivation sent" (145).

The fact that he could read and understand the words of the Bible gave him the ability to discuss slavery. He spoke with religious leaders and used the words of God as instruction for the far more educated men he spoke with. This ability also characterizes him both to himself and those he talked to as a knowlegeable Christian man. Because of this, many people who might not have paid any attention to him whatsoever gained respect for him. His intelligence made a difference in the delivery of his message.


The Life of Olaudah Equiano