The Life of Olaudah Equiano

What enraged Equiano most about the crew on the ship?

The reading to the question can be found below.

I just can't find where it's at. Please help!

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The crew refused to listen when he told them they were close to crashing upon the rocks. Even the Captain took his time coming up to the deck when Equiano yelled warnings.

"He said he would, and I returned to the deck. When I was upon the deck again I saw we were not above a pistol shot from the rock, and I heard the noise of the breakers all around us. I was exceedingly alarmed at this; and the captain having not yet come on the deck I lost all patience; and, growing quite enraged, I ran down to him again, and asked him why he did not come up, and what he could mean by all this? 'The breakers,' said I, 'are round us, and the vessel is almost on the rock.'"


The Life of Olaudah Equiano