The Life of Olaudah Equiano

Slave narratives are a very important genre of literature that emerge during this time - what have we learned about the slave narrative as a genre of literature? The three part structure: Sin, Awakening, and Redemption are very important - what/where are

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The main thing to learn about the slave narratives themselves is the fact that they opened the eyes and influenced so many people to the atrocities of slavery. The depictions in these narratives were responsible for the hue and cry to end the practice. People who had no first hand experience with the practice were horrified at the reality and were awakened to the plight of the slaves. It became a moral issue rather than a fact of life; it became a public discussion rather than something talked about in hushed tones. Voices raised, the sin was exposed, and eventually...... redemption was found for those who had a part in the abolition.