The Importance of Being Earnest

Read this excerpt from The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde and complete the sentences that follow.

JACK: Gwendolen, will you marry me? (Goes on his knees.)

GWENDOLEN: Of course I will, darling. How long you have been about it! I am afraid you have had very little experience in how to propose.

JACK: My own one, I have never loved any one in the world but you.

GWENDOLEN: Yes, but men often propose for practice. I know my brother Gerald does. All my girl-friends tell me so. What wonderfully blue eyes you have, Ernest! They are quite, quite, blue. I hope you will always look at me just like that, especially when there are other people present.

Gwendolen portrays Victorian qualities of being(serious,sophisticated, enthuastic,superficial,excited) Gwendolen's lines imply that her brother is ( poetic,flirtatious,snobby,un-attractive,oldfashioned.)

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1. superficial

2. flirtatious