The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Based on this statement, do you believe TeLinde and Gey had the right to obtain a sample from her cervix to use in their research? What information would they have had to give her for Henrietta to have given informed consent?

Henrietta Lacks signed a consent form that said, “I hereby consent to the staff of The Johns Hopkins Hospital to perform any operative procedures and under any Anesthetic either local or general that they may deem necessary in the proper Surgical care and treatment of: _____________” (p. 31).

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In reading the consent, there is no mention of procuring samples for scientific research. It is my opinion that the men had no right to obtain samples for the purpose of research.


The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

I'm not saying that it says in the consent form but generally speaking do you think they had the right to use her samples without her consent? what form would they give her to be able to use her samples? what type of form who that be called .

In essence, I would have to sign a consent for my organs, tissue or anything else to be used after my death. I would have to be a consenting donor. Henrietta wasn't informed or given a choice. I do not know what kind of form this would be in terms of a living person. I can only attest to the information we are afforded in the text itself.

Do you think Henrietta would have given explicit consent to have a tissue sample used in medical research if she had been given all the information?

" I'll never forget it," Aurelian said. " George told me he leaned over Henrietta's bed and said, 'Your cells will make you immortal.' He told Henrietta her cells would help save the lives of countless people, and she smiled. She told him she was glad her pain would come to some good for someone." Knowing that she sid this to Dr. Gey. Do you think Gey's actually visited Henrietta or was this just a said to make him look like a good doctor or maybe that he cared for Henrietta?