The Hunger Games

The Hunder Grames seriers show that good people can be especially cruel and violent if the situation allows for it or even demands it.

The hunder Games requires some incredibley violent actions by people who were not "bad" people. Disucss your thought on if and when violence and cruelty is OK.

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As we begin to become mature readers, we realize that the world is not black and white. The idea of "good" and "bad" existing as separate entities is the stuff of fairy tales. The Hunger Games gives us a dystopia that reflects human nature. Our will to survive often transcends childish absolutes of good and bad. If human beings have any primal instincts left, one of them would be the will to survive. People will do what it takes, to a point, for self-preservation and all the "bad" and "good stuff" become shades of grey.