The Hunger Games

Could you elaborate on the quote "At least you two have decent manners" says Effie, as we're finishing the main course. "The pair last year ate every thing with their hands like a couple of savages."


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Effie is telling this to Peta and Katniss that their table manners are better than starving kids from their districts they have had in the past,

"The pair last year were two kids from the Seam who’d never, not one day of their lives, had enough to eat. And when they did have food, table manners were surely the last thing on their minds." Peeta’s a baker’s son. My mother taught Prim and me to eat properly, so yes, I can handle a fork and knife. But I hate Effie Trinket’s comment so much I make a point of eating the rest of my meal with my fingers. Then I wipe my hands on the tablecloth.”