The Hunger Games

Chapter 27: Describe the inner conflict that Katniss feels at the end of the book

Questions for The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

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Certainly, she curls up to Peeta and plays the lovers angle out of self-preservation, but she also gains comfort from it. The irony is she would love to explore these feelings with Peeta, but she's forced to be so close to him in a proscribed way that only confuses more. Her identity is further confused by class differences. As they approach the Seam, she transforms herself back to the girl she believes she is. However much she's grown and changed over the previous few weeks, she wants to treat this new identity as though it was merely constructed for the Games. She is unable to tell Peeta how deeply she cares. She is "the girl from the Seam" and they don't run in the same circles.