The Hunger Games

can i have 20 facts about wheres it shows beastliness in the hunger games ?


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What do you mean by "beastliness"?

like mean and rude etc.

Oh I see. Well plenty of rude things happen in this book, it is a dystopia after all. Okay, I'll try to rattle some off,

1. President Snow and the Capitol holds a Hunger Games where they essentially kill off a young person from each district for entertainment.

2. People n district 12 are hungry/starving. Other districts are taken advantage of too.

3. Peacekeepers are mean to people in these districts.

4.None of the other districts get to share in the wealth.

5, Seneca Crane and the game makers think of horrid ways to kill tributes.

6. Haymitch Abernathy, pukes all over the train.

7. The careers like Cato are down rite mean and nasty.

8. Avoxes have had their tongues cut out, rendering them unable to speak.

9. Gamemakers keep changing the rules on Katniss and the others

10. Those mutated dogs from the DNA of the tributes was a creepy nasty thing to do by the Gamemaker.

11. They edited out what Katniss did for Rue after she died.

12. The whole watching of these games is reminiscent of brutal gladiator games in the times of the Romans.