The House of the Seven Gables

house of the seven gables and gothic literature

how is the house of the seven gables an example of gothic literature?

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Yes, it is quite a good example actually.

I have no specific definition of Gothic literature but have read other works considered Gothic. The similarities seem to be that the story is much knitted together around a structure, a house most likely. In addition, there is some eerie or mysterious undertone. There are several such undertones in The House.... You have the origin of the house. What is the significance of seven gables (as opposed to three or four)? Why is Hepzidah so apparently haggard and lifeless? Why does Phoebe appear out of the blue? And who are these characters that visit, stay, or with whom the woman and cousin speak with. There seems to be a mystery involved.

I could be wrong as I'm only halfway through the novel and would be happy to hear from others their thought on the gothic nature of The House....