The House of the Scorpion

The House of the Scorpion

What does Matt do at El Patrons birthday party that shows he has the capability to be maliciois? (Two possible answers)

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Given how Matt feels about Tom, it was malicious when Matt moved Tom's place card to another table.... the baby table.

Humming to himself, Matt removed Tom’s card and put it at the baby table.

Matt demanded a kiss from Maria.

Why shouldn’t María be his girlfriend? Why should he be different from everyone because he was a clone? When he looked into the mirror, he saw no difference between himself and the others. It was unfair that he was treated like Furball when he had good grades and could name the planets, the brightest stars, and all the constellations. “One more thing,” Matt said. “I demand a birthday kiss.

The senator didn’t know that Maráa had kissed Matt on several occasions, just as she kissed Furball and anything else that pleased her. Matt knew this was different, though. He was humiliating her. If it had been Tom asking for the kiss, no one would have cared. People would have thought it cute for a boy to flirt with his novia . Matt wasn’t a boy. He was a beast


The House of the Scorpion