The Hound of the Baskervilles

Who were Sir Henry neighbours and what were they like? Chapter8

Chapter 8

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Dr. Mortimer

Dr. James Mortimer, the man who employs Holmes for this case, lives out on the moor and was a close friend of Sir Charles. Though a man of science (he is interested in the study of skulls), he somewhat accepts the legend of the hound because of a lack of evidence to the contrary.

Miss Stapleton

Miss Beryl Stapleton is the woman believed to be Stapleton's sister, but who is actually his wife. Though less wicked than he is, she has been his accomplice for a long time, having used the alias Mrs. Vandeleur. She tries to warn Sir Henry to flee the moor, but is unsuccessful partly because he falls in love with her.


Mr. Jack Stapleton, a "naturalist" who studies butterflies and plants out on the moor, presents himself as an eccentric but is actually the mystery's insidious villain. Born Rodger Baskerville, he has used several aliases in the past, including Mr. Vandeleur, and once managed a school. He is discovered to be a nephew of Sir Charles Baskerville, meaning he is therefore Sir Henry's cousin.


Mr. Barrymore is the butler of Baskerville Hall, and the man who discovered Sir Charles's body after he died. He and his wife have worked at Baskerville Hall for a long time. Though Barrymore seems secretive and sneaky, Watson discovers he is only employed in aiding his wife's brother Selden, and Barrymore ultimately provides crucial evidence to the investigation.

Mrs. Barrymore

Mrs. Barrymore is Barrymore's wife, and Selden's sister. Watson remarks that she seems to cry often.


Old Frankland is an old man who lives on the moor and enjoys causing legal trouble for his neighbors through frivolous lawsuits. A natural voyeur who uses his telescope to spy on others, he is also the miserly and indifferent father of Laura Lyons.

Laura Lyons

Laura Lyons is Old Frankland's daughter and Stapleton's mistress. Unhappily married to but separated from a cruel husband, she is promised help by Sir Charles, but then manipulated by Stapleton to help cause the former's death. She lives in Coombe Tracey, a town near the moor.