The Hot Zone

Dr, Musoke is concerned that he has malaria. How do the symptoms of malaria compare to the ones he is expericening

from "The Hot Zone" by Richard Preston

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Symptom One:

"Musoke developed an aching sensation in his back. He was not prone to backaches-really, he had never had a serious backache, but he was approaching thirty, and it occurred to him that he was getting into the time of life when some men begin to get bad backs."

Symptom Two:

"He hadn't thought much about the vomiting incident, and when the ache began to spread through his body, he still didn't think about it. Then, when he looked in a mirror, he noticed that his eyes were turning red."

And after:

"Red eyes-he began to wonder if he had malaria. He had a fever now, so certainly he had some kind of infection. The backache had spread until all the muscles in his body ached badly. He started taking malaria pills, but they didn't do any good, so he asked one of the nurses to give him an injection of an antimalarial drug.

The nurse gave it to him in the muscle of his arm. The pain of the injection was very, very bad. He had never felt such pain from a shot; it was abnormal and memorable. He wondered why a simple shot would give him this kind of pain. Then he developed abdominal pain, and that made him think that he might have typhoid fever, so he gave himself a course of antibiotic pills, but that had no effect on his illness. Meanwhile, his patients needed him, and he continued to work at the hospital. The pain in his stomach and in his muscles grew unbearable, and he developed jaundice."


The Hot Zone