The Hot Zone

Describe how the medical teams worked to prevent the further spread of the disease through Kinshasa?


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From the text:

"Medical teams fanned out into Kinshasa and managed to locate thirty-seven people who had face-to-face contact with Mayinga during the time when she had wandered around the city. They set up two biocontainment pavilions at the hospital and shut the people up for a couple of weeks. They wrapped like cadavers of the nuns an Nurse Mayinga in sheets soaked in chemicals, then double-bagged the mummies in plastic and put each one in an airtight coffin which a screw-down lid, and held the funeral services at the hospital, under the watch of doctors."

They also set up a floating hospital for doctors on the Congo River, the ship was to act as a place of refuge if the city became a hot zone. It didn't.

"But to the strange and wonderful relief of Zaire and the world, the virus never went on a burn through the city. It subsides on the headwaters of the Ebola River and went back to its hiding place in the forest. The Ebola agent seemed not to be contagious in face-to-face contacts. It did not seem to be able to travel through the air. No one caught the virus from Nurse Mayinga, even though she had been in close contact with at least thirty-seven people. She had shared a bottle soda pop with someone, and not even that person became ill. The crisis passed."


The Hot Zone