The Hobbit

what do you learn about the characters in their dialogue on pages 178 - 181 by the way they deal with crossing the water ?

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Certainly Thorin is in charge giving out his orders in a decisively calm manner,

“Who’ll cross first?” asked Bilbo.

“I shall,” said Thorin, “and you will come with me, and Fili and Balin. That’s as many as the boat will hold at a time. After that Kili and Oin and Gloin and Dori; next Ori and Nori, Bifur and Bofur; and last Dwalin and Bombur.”

“I’m always last and I don’t like it,” said Bombur. “It’s somebody else’s turn today.”

“You should not be so fat. As you are, you must be with the last and lightest boatload. Don’t start grumbling against orders, or something bad will happen to you.”

Bilbo is a good follower never complaining. Bombur likes to complain. The other dwarves fall in line easily.