The Hobbit

Don't Read this Book.

This book is very boring. Unless you're into dwarves, goblins, hobbits, dragons, wargs, eagles, and other mystical creatures.

Our whole class strongly disliked this book.

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i have to read the hobbit for summer reading and do an analysis

it was so much fun... not

it took forever to read and do the analysis

liked it :)

i liked it :)

I must say that I support your class in their opinion. Whomever set this title as a topic for summer reading should have their head checked. There is only very little to redeem Tolkien as an author in my humble opinion. To set "The Hobbit" as a required summer reading title is a travesty. You would have done well to hand in a blank sheet as an analysis claiming that the book offers nothing to analyse apart from its typeset.

to fully understand and comprehend this novel i highly suggest to read at least book that explains gandalf the wizard and middle kingdom and all its glory and creatures although the title escapes me. this is a very slow book and really should only be read if you either love the movies as they are very close and are not different much and if you love the narnia series because it is very similar in themes and characters.


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Ahhh...the great Hobbit debate! Should it be assigned as summer reading? No! This book goes over most readers heads and is seen as boring when read independently. Tolkien was a storyteller and this book was intended to follow in the lines of oral storytelling. Without guidance through Middle Earth and Tolkien's amazing mind the story can be lost! I have taught it for over 20 years and there are always students who dislike fantasy and Tolkien, but the majority love the journey (once they underrstanndd the journey).

If you didn't like it, then why'd you come on this site????? God you IDIOT!

i was suposed toread this bookfor scool i didnt get past the first chapter. I hate the book  but loe the movies. im not going to finshthe bookor read anymore of it

We are reading this book for our literature classes at school but I really enjoy it ..