The Help

What are Skeeter’s expectations for her future? What are the expectations that her friends and family have for her?

If you could I'd like a quote from the book to accompany the answer.

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Skeeter's family would like her to be the typical Southern woman who has a little career but ultimately wants to get married and live in the same way her friends Elizabeth and Hilly live. When she begins her book about the lives of the maids, she has to lie about what she is doing because she is crossing lines that should not be crossed. She risks much and ultimately alienates Hilly when she has a number of toilets left on Hilly's lawn. She could have just gone along with what her parents and friends expected; she eventually becomes an outcast because of the "trick" she plays on Hilly and has little to lose since she in "dumped" by her fiance who cannot deal with her "views" on politics and racial injustices in the South.