The Handmaid's Tale

What did Offred's mother mean by woman's culture? Does Offred blame her for what has happened? How would you describe Offred's relationship with her mother?

chapter 19-21

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Offred's mother serves as a mouthpiece for a different sort of feminism then eliminating men from the picture and relying solely on other women. Offred's mother marched for abortion rights, the banning of pornography, and many other women's issues before the institution of the new regime. When she was young, Offred remembers being embarrassed by her mother's activities. Her mother would lecture her for being ungrateful and complacent about her rights. Only post-Gilead does Offred realize how complacent she truly was. Offred didn't realize that her job or her right to own property could be taken away. She now understands how the lack of rights changes one's perspective.