The Great Gatsby

which of the 4 main characters do you find most sympathetic? importantly in what way do the events of the novel effect Nick Carraway? How, or to what degree does he change?

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wouldnt gatsby be a candiddate to ?

Gatsby might be a candidate in terms of the fact that I have sympathy for his obsession. Falling in love with a woman doesn't excuse the choices he made in making himself feel as if he were "worthy" of her. I have sympathy for the fact that she led him on, and I have sympathy for the fact that who he believed to be the perfect woman was in fact far from perfect. I feel sorry for him in terms of "love lost." In this, he is a sad character to say the least, but on the whole, he created a false life by criminal means....... that I have no sympathy for.

One thing though, I have to tell you that I really like Gatsby's character; I like the man faults and all. But liking his character doesn't include finding him sympathetic.