The Great Gatsby

What is the main significant of the theme that is relevant to our world today? Those values or lesson that we can connect in the reality of life?

Significance of the theme to our world

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I think that wealth and class are certainly themes that we can still relate to today. Class is an unusual theme for an American novel. It is more common to find references to it in European, especially British novels. However, the societies of East and West Egg are deeply divided by the difference between the noveau riche and the older moneyed families. Gatsby is aware of the existence of a class structure in America, because a true meritocracy would put him in touch with some of the finest people, but, as things stand, he is held at arm's length. Gatsby tries desperately to fake status, even buying British shirts and claiming to have attended Oxford in an attempt to justify his position in society. Ultimately, however, it is a class gulf that separates Gatsby and Daisy, and cements the latter in her relationship to her husband, who is from the same class as she is. Even today the gap between rich and poor in America seems to be increasing. The rich seem to live in a bubble often oblivious to the struggling poor and working poor. The amount spent on private jets could help so many struggling families. The decadence of the ultra rich, in many ways, reflects the decadence of the roaring 20's. You can check out more at the GradeSaver link below: