The Great Gatsby

What are readers supposed to understand through Fitzgerald's uncomplimentary descriptions of husbands and wives and also of the drunk driving scene? Who was Fitzgerald criticizing?

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Marriages in The Great Gatsby are portrayed as loveless arrangements. It seems both the women are bored, thus, Daisy and Myrtle each take chances, which are without doubt blatant. There was no secrecy here, and all of our characters with the exception of Nick, seem to lack moral consciences. This is doubly apparent in the drunk driving accident..... Gatsby gets the blame.... Daisy, the driver, simply packs up and leaves with her husband. Above all else, the novel seems to criticize those who put themselves before and above others, the people who believe themselves to be above accountability.


The Great Gatsby

I am not speaking about that driving scene there is a different one in chapter 3