The Great Gatsby

nick thinks he's one of the few honest people he knows, why? do you think he is honest?

i dont know. is he honest?

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Well, Nick says he is honest but isn't always... He left the midwest to escape a romantic entanglement, and it appears that he was not honest with the woman who wanted to marry him. He remains silent when Tom breaks Myrtle's nose. He does not tell his cousin Daisy about Tom's escapades. He says he is the nonjudgemental observer in the early pages. But after his summer in New York, he realizes that morals and values have to exist, even if they are founded upon a "marsh." He wants to world to be "in uniform. . "at a sort of moral attention." He breaks up with Jordan Baker because he knows he does not love her. He realizes that his tolerance of others has reached a limit; he must now forge a new path. However, the novel ends unclearly (as it should, for it is modern); Nick has been a good friend to Gatsby, in his life and in his death. After Gatsby's death, he wants to return to the midwest to begin anew.