The Great Gatsby

How did Fitzgerald enrich our sense of the mood in this hotel room (determine and discuss)?

“We walked through a high hallway into a bright rosy-colored space, fragilely bound into the house by French windows at either end. The windows were ajar and gleaming white against the fresh grass outside that seemed to grow a little way into the house. A breeze blew through the room, blew curtains in at one end and out the other like pale flags, twisting them up toward the frosted wedding cake of the ceiling—and then rippled over the wine-colored rug, making a shadow on it as wind does on the sea.

​The only completed stationary object in the room was an enormous couch on which two young women were buoyed up as though upon an anchored balloon. They were both in white and their dresses were rippling and fluttering as if they had just been blown back in after a short flight around the house. I must have stood for a few moments listening to the whip and snap of the curtains and the groan of a picture on the wall. Then there was a boom as Tom Buchanan shut the rear windows and the caught wind died out about the room and the curtains and the rugs and the two young women ballooned slowly to the floor.”

Please help I really don't know it

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This section comes directly from Chapter One of the novel. They are not in a hotel room, but rather the Buchanan home. If your question directly relates to the scene in the hotel room, you have the incorrect passage cited above.

Yes I believe I made a light mistake, thank you for that I can't edit it though but I believe you know what I mean now

In this passage the mood is light and airy, something Fitzgerald accomplishes through imagery..... the rose colored walls, the breeze, the fluttering white dresses..... the twisting curtains. Fitzgerald's depiction puts us at ease, and the reader initially relaxes. At the end of the passage, however, the tone and mood quickly shift as Tom disrupts the tranquility by slamming the door which quickly serves to reverse the imagery. The mood in the room was quickly dampened..... ruined.


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