The Great Gatsby

Events that lead to the death of Gatsby- ASAP

Please explain to me how Gatsby died, I know that Mr Wilson was involved but I do not know how Gatsby was actually killed. Did he even fight for himself?

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Gatsby dies when George finds him floating in his swimming pool. George is convinced that Gatsby is the one who not only had the affair with Myrtle but is also the one that killed her. He doesn't know that Daisy was driving, nor that she was having an affair with Tom not Gatsby. George only knew that there was a man Myrtle was having an affair with, that she ran out to stop his car (she thought Tom was in the car) and that the man in that car must have been the one she was having the affair with and then Gatsby claimed he was driving to spare Daisy even though it was she who actually ran in to Myrtle.

Gatsby didn't fight for himself as he was caugh unaware in the pool.


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