The Great Gatsby

Describe what and how the circumstance were for Gatsby and how he lot daisy to Tom Buchanan?

describe how gatsby lost daisy from to

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According to Daisy, Gatsby is losing her because "[he] asks too much." Gatsby not only wants Daisy to love him, he wants her to have never loved Tom as well. This, according to Daisy, is simply not true (although, whether the two ever have true love during the course of the novel is clearly up for debate). In reality, it is clear to the astute reader that Daisy is simply bullied by Tom in this scene. While she maintains the facade of a free spirited flapper, Daisy is easily controlled and manipulated by the cruel Tom Buchanan. All in all, she's weak, pathetic, and flighty. While both she and Gatsby would like to believe she's better than that, her and Tom clearly belong together. They are, after all, the only two characters in the novel capable of ignoring the tragedy in the valley of ashes, not to mention Daisy's guilt in the affair.