The Grapes of Wrath

what happens to solidify the family as they drive along? of what significance is Grampa Joads death? how does granma take it? what is ma's philosophy of holdin on. what is the value of casy's prayer?

the grapes of wrath

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- Quite a few things happen to them. Their jalopy breaks down, Grandpa Joad dies, Grandma dies...THis all resolves the family to stay closer together and persevere.

-THey keep fighting in honour of Grandpa Joad.

-Grandma pretty much dies herself soon after, nothing to live for

-Ma thinks as long as they stay together, family is worth fighting for

-Casey's player is simple for a simple man. It has the spirit of these sharecroppers.

That should be Casey's "prayer". Grandpa would not have wanted any fancy sentiments. He would have wanted a prayer as simple as the land he loved.