The Grapes of Wrath

What does Steinbeck say of the nature of man?

Steinbeck gives us a picture of the worlds that the migrants set up every night.What are some of the features of these worlds? please give 6

Chapter 17

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I think Steinbeck is giving us a look at how the migrants come together as an extended family when they make camp. Their "world" has changed since they left the farm. Now, beneath the starlight, they create different worlds. They are smaller and more specific worlds. Singing, music, dancing, dreaming, mourning, and supporting each other are just a few of the many worlds that they create. Although they are migrants these worlds serve as a sense of place. Each night they have a home an extended family. They live for the moment because the moment is all they have. Each world has meaning to them and seems to sustain them for another arduous day.