The Grapes of Wrath

What are 15 examples of sucess and failure in the grapes of wrath?

I already have the following:

tom obtaining a job

casey protesting

when casey dies

cotton wighers being fixed, and people retaliating

Ma's rebellion

Pa's attempt to put her in her place

Muley Graves attempt to not get caught by cops

Truck driver trying not to be lazy

Casey getting captured by cops

The turtle crossing the road

the ant irritation the turtle

Gas station attendednt painting pumps yellow to get more buisness

Dog chaseing rooster

Rose of Sharon's pregnancy

Pa remaingin the authorative figure

Making it to California

Keeping family together

Casey taking blame for Tom

...yea i need more. My teacher is mean

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You have got quite a few examples there. Try explaining something like this to your teacher. I think that Steinbeck’s bigger picture is more useful. In the end, Grapes of Wrath is a commentary on the failure of society to take care of its vulnerable and the resilience of the human spirit. The ending is an indictment on the "American dream" being an individual achievement. How can the rich carry on amidst such misery in others? The failure of society becomes all the more poignant when, near the end of the novel, Sharon's baby is stillborn and the Joad's arrive home that is flooded. I'm not even going to mention Sharon breastfeeding the starving old man; oops I think I just did!