The Grapes of Wrath

Is there any mention of a catalogue? If so, where in the book?

anywhere in the book

im supposed to find a quotation from grapes of wrath of anything that connects the book grapes of wrath and catalogues

any mention of one will do

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"No. Like I said, they wasn't people to write. Pa could write, but he wouldn't. Didn't like to. It give him the shivers to write. He could work out a catalogue order as good as the nex' fella, but he wouldn't write no letters just for ducks." (Page 28)

"All right—they wasn't no bear," she said sarcastically. "An' they ain't no white things made outa dish-stuff, like in the catalogues." (Page 204)

"There," said Ruthie. "Them's the toilets. I seen 'em in the catalogue." (Page 204)


The Grapes of Wrath