The Grapes of Wrath

In chapter eight of the Grapes of Wrath, what does grandpa Joad say he wants to do with Grapes and what do his Grapes symbolize in this part of the book

Chapter eight of the Grapes of Wrath

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Grapes represent nourishment and hope for a future in California. They represent the bounty of the land that is only a dream in their consciousness,

"Well, I am, kinda. But I ain't nowheres near the fella I was. Jus' let me get out to California where I can pick me an orange when I want it. Or grapes. There's a thing I ain't never had enough of. Gonna get me a whole big bunch of grapes off a bush, or whatever, an' I'm gonna squash 'em on my face an' let 'em run offen my chin."