The Grapes of Wrath

How are the Joads beginning to act more like members of a larger community than they did at the beginning of their journey to California?

Chapter 13

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Everybody chips into each others misery. Even though there is no money, they realize the support there is in numbers. Take, for example, the death of Grandpa Joad. The Wilsons help them bury Grampa. They write a verse from scripture on the note on his grave. After burying Grampa, they have Casy say a few words. The reactions to the death are varied. Rose of Sharon comforts Granma, while Uncle John is curiously unmoved by the turn of events. Casy admits that he knew Grampa was dying, but didn't say anything because he couldn't have helped. He blames the separation from the land for Grampa's death. The Joads and the Sairy Wilson decide to help each other on the journey by spreading out the load between their two cars so that both families will make it to California.