The Grapes of Wrath

Discuss Steinbeck's creation of the Christ figure Jim Casy and analyze how Casy's character serves to enable other characters, particularly Tom, to realize their personal identities and visions.

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There are always the initials "JC" but beyond that Casey is a visionary and a rebel. Originally a preacher Casey is not happy with mainstream religion, he no longer feels "the calling". Instead Casey opposes the corrupt authorities in charge, just as Christ opposed the PHARISEES. Casey joins a union and becomes something of a sage with followers that seem more like apostles. Even Tom is convinced that Casey is "on to something" and looks for his meaning.

Oh I forgot the whole innocent suffering martyr thing. Casey basically gives his life for the betterment of others in the book. He inspires a new way of thinking, a sense of fairness and brotherhood rather than greed and division. That's pretty Christ-figure-like!

The 12 original family members that Casy went along with represents the 12 disciples.